BREAKING NEWS: With a historic 9-0 ruling, the Supreme Court just sidestepped two huge cases about partisan gerrymandering.

Right Wing News reported that the ruling will allow controversial district maps to stand and be used in this fall’s midterm elections just the way they are, much to the dismay of Democrats, who have been arguing that the Republican-drawn maps prevented fair and effective representation by diluting voters’ influence and penalizing voters based on their political beliefs. This just goes to show that Democrats will do literally anything to win an election, including gerrymandering and recruiting illegal aliens and refugees to vote.

Though the Democrats came out victorious in a lower court in this case, which involved a map in Wisconsin, the Supreme Court’s ruling will limit who can bring cases like this one in the future.

This comes as rumors are swirling that Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is known as a swing vote on the Supreme Court, is preparing to retire later this year. This would allow President Donald Trump to appoint a replacement for him, which could weigh the Supreme Court solidly in favor of conservatives for the first time in years.

Ian Samuel, a Climenko fellow and lecturer on law at Harvard Law School who clerked for the late Justice Antonin Scalia, said last month that the small number of cases the court has granted could signal Kennedy is throwing in the towel. So far, the court has only granted 15 cases for next term, a low number for them.

“One possibility is they are not granting cases because they don’t know who their ninth member is going to be. … You could imagine Kennedy telling the chief, ‘I’d like to keep this between us, but I’d like to retire,’ and the chief saying, ‘Let’s see who Kennedy’s replacement is before we grant all these cases,’” Samuel said.

No wonder the Democrats have gone into full panic mode!

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